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Friday, October 16, 2009

CAPITALEX, My 1st Round Completed without Problem

Ya... terimakasih Capitalex, plan program pertama yang saya ikuti pada hyip ini akhirnya tamat sudah. Dari awal hingga akhir periode program, pembayaran yang saya terima sangat lancaarrr... tanpa gangguan masalah...

Kini saya sudah profit 100% (200% + principal/pokok).
Dalam beberapa hari ke depan, jika tidak ada masalah dengan hyip ini, saya bermaksud untuk reinvest. Mudah2-an kali ini saya beruntung seperti sebelumnya...
Goo luck for me!

Introduction To Capitalex

Welcome to our website and program. We are a dedicated group of international online traders. The main activity of our group is forex trading and the main goal is to providing reasonable income for our investors. No matter where you come from or how much you want to invest with us, the only important thing is all our investors are important for us and providing best service to our investors is our top priority.We are not a registered company or licensed bank or financial firm. Today's market is move and grow very fast, so we collected some professional traders around the world and made this virtual place to connect them to our investors. They use investors money in online trading to make profit and share it with investors.

Investment Plan

We pay 2.5% daily profit from Monday to Friday for 40 business days. After 40 business days your deposit will be expire and your principal deposit will be available to return. To become an investor and start practice in our program you have to deposit at least $10 to your account. Due to the market risk and the power of our guarantee, the maximum deposit amount is limited to $20,000. You can make your deposit with Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Strict Pay and also Bank Wire.

Referral Program

Our affiliate program intended for those who interesting to affiliate system and want to practice our superb affiliate system. We give 5% commission for deposit made by your referrals. To join and earn in our affiliate program you do not have to make any deposit. It is free.

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