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Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Plan from Afon.....What the hell it is.....?!

Over than 300 days Afon Business was existing in hyip industry… Not bad at all!!
I’ve been one of their investor….and till now I’ve been gained about 130% of my investment (my investment here is $200.00, profit 1,5%/day for 365 days).

Till today all their performance was the best… and I almost never got any serious problem here….
But lately I found something strange on this hyip….

First I found (on Talk Gold) some investor couldn’t acces their  site for several days…, though it didn’t happen to me, but I felt a lil strange…What’s up …?!
Then I found Afon launched their new plan on 24th March 2010  with more high profit: 2.5%/day for 1 year…
and this plan was limited for only 500 members…. Wooww!!
Other's 'stranger' followed….on April 27th 2010 Afon again launched their new plan  with more n more high profit :  5%/days for 100 days and the principal backs ..…so return 500% for only about 5 months..... Woowwww….wooowww….wooowwwwwwwwww!!!!
so crazy….?!!  What the hell is it…????
Wanna hit the big one and then run away….????
That’s all what out of my mind right away ….just my oppinion ... and of course it's remembering  me to Genius Funds, Nano money and other big  hyip  how everything's  out before they run away...  the same trick...?!!
Hmmmm.... if it is true ....mean they all the same....

Anyway... I hope  all my oppinion was wrong .... and Afon will be stay as an honest hyip and keep paying all investor…

Just wanna say to all... Be aware!!
Playing hyip has a big risk....
Don't be fooled by the fraud hyip...


  1. Your Quote:
    "Be aware!!
    Playing hyip has a big risk....
    Don't be fooled by the fraud hyip."

    That's the reason why i'm still away to joint any hyip.... anyway, i may change my mind if i got more clearer & good information.

  2. You choose the right way... Just stay away of any hyip if you know nothing or even if anything not clearer enough to you.... then you'll lost nothing...

    But if you got a good chance here n you could win in this game... then you'll got a big hit here...

    everyone has got their own choice ....and all choice has got a risk... so just choosed whatever you think the best to u

  3. say no to hyip , before too late
    better than trying to avoid hehe..
    good job my friend

  4. Hahaha... say no to hyip...?!
    Perhaps its better for u... but not for others.
    But never mind... people must have an own idea... and Im the one who always appreciate all differences.
    Thanks so much Bunglon!!

  5. i can talk nothing in thz section,but i hope who has been involved in thz businss to find success

  6. Got it Mundo...!!
    Thanks for the compliment

  7. I have decided not to join hyip until or unless the information is not totally clear to me.

  8. @hyip:
    I think it's a good idea. Thx

    @nikon camera:
    you're most welcome...

  9. Ceu... how can you have courage to take this risks... tell me when and how you get deal with this business. Honestly i am interested, but don't have any clear pictures of these, even roughly one... what is your advice for a beginner like me... hehehe... sok ah diantos ku sim kuring yeuh...

  10. I found this post so interesting. Keep on posting in this way. One of your reader nensa n_n